Pōmaikaʻi School’s “Big Rocks”

Learning Is A Journey~Each Person Plays a Critical Role
Whole Child, Whole School-Connecting Academics and 21st Century Skills Through the Arts and Technology


1-Design Active Learning Opportunities
Inquiry based; risk-taking, authentic-real world, relevant-matters to our children


2-Integrate Arts and Technology as tools for teaching and learning
Inquiry based; experience culture Arts for arts sake too/Has value of its own Technology= avenue, tool, support


3-Teach to the Whole Child
Honoring the learner’s journey wherever they are at in their process, Multiple Intelligences Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Physical Wellness


4-Take Care of each other, the community, and the world Kuleana~’Aina And Celebrate, big and small


5-Demonstrate responsibility for learning (life long learning)(as students, teachers and parents)
Inquiry-students and teachers asking questions; communicating to learn and communicate what is learned; Formative assessment


6-Prepare students for the 21st Century (7 Cs x 3 Rs = 21st century)

*Cross-Cultural Awareness

*Computer and Information Literacy
*Creativity and Innovation

*Career and Life Skills
*Critical Thinking and Problem Solving



"The Inspired School"

Pomaikaʻi Research Summary



Thank you to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center for producing this beautiful summary of Dr. Jamie Simpson Steeleʻs research report conducted in 2012-2013, researching the question: How does an arts integrated elementary curriculum affect studentsʻ academic and social success in middle school?




Link to the full research document:
Happy and Vibrant:
Noncognitive Factors in Elementary School Arts Integration
Jamie Simpson Steele, Ph.D.
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, College of Education