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E207Self-Portraits from hazel aningat on Vimeo.


Miss Fanning's class studied the components of portraits and six word stories at the beginning of this year. In this movie you will see many self-portraits that were composed to highlight important features about themselves. Each artist used vocal traits to express our six word stories.


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Pōmaikaʻi Elementary’s core English language arts curriculum for grades K-4 is Wonders by McGraw-Hill and for grade 5 it is Making Meaning by the Developmental Studies Center. By school year 2016-2017 grades K-5 will be implementing Wonders by McGraw-Hill. Wonders is the only K-5 English language arts program supported by the state that is well aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Want to see what the Common Core Shifts for English Language Arts/Literacy are? Visit the Standards Toolkit for Language Arts.


The Lexile Framework® for Reading, developed by MetaMetrics, Inc., uses word frequency and sentence length to produce a single measure, called a Lexile, of a text’s complexity. The most important difference between the Lexile system and traditional readability formulas is that traditional formulas only assign a score to texts, whereas the Lexile Framework® can place both readers and texts on the same scale.


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The Lexile Framework®

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Making Language Arts Come Alive!!
Teachers are well trained in integrating the arts with language arts through professional development by Kennedy Center Teaching Artists as well as local teaching artists. Once these strategies are taught to the teachers they take them back to their classrooms and begin to implement them into their lessons. Teachers have a bank of strategies that they can refer to so they can keep our students on their feet!!


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