Dress Code

Pomaika’i Elementary School suggests and strongly urges that students always be personally clean, and appropriately dressed and groomed. In terms of appropriateness, health considerations should be given for wearing the kind of clothing suitable for our air conditioned environment and hot, sunny playground. Students are asked to refrain from wearing clothing which may create disruptions and distract other students from attending to school work.


Examples: Students are encouraged to have a sweater or sweatshirt/jacket to wear in the classroom if they get cold. All students are to wear footwear appropriate for PE and recess. Students who choose to play soccer must have covered shoes on their feet (tennis shoes are preferred). Shoes with rollers or any type of cleats are not allowed.


Clothing (including jackets, hats, etc.) should not have logos or designs relating to alcohol, drugs, violence, sex or inappropriate language or graphics. Tops are to cover the torso and stomach with no bare midriffs, and no bare shoulders. All undergarments are to be kept covered. Hats may be worn, but not in the classroom, cafeteria or offices unless there is a medical reason (signed by a doctor).

Students are asked to practice and observe common rules of courtesy with everyone. Jackets, sweaters, shoes, hats and other clothing items are to be labeled so that lost items may be returned to the rightful owner.




Pomaika'i Elementary students are required to wear the approved school uniform Monday through Friday for the entire day. Optional dress days may be permitted at the discretion of the Principal. Optional dress, when permitted, must meet all dress code regulations.


The official school uniform will consist of:
-The official school uniform T-shirt (blue or green, long or short sleeved).
-Skirts, shorts, or pants that meet the Pomaika’i School Dress Code


The school uniform should not be defaced in any way.


For a T-shirt order form:




Privacy Rights


"Annual Notification of Privacy Rights" - "Know your privacy rights as they apply to 1) student record information; 2) directory information; 3) surveys and other information collection; and 4) military recruitment information. For more information on your privacy rights, the laws that protect them, and how to exercise your rights, contact your school administrator or visit http://ferpa.k12.hi.us."